“Amends might be made in the interest of the new generation of students by printing in leaded type in future editions of existing text-books and in all new text-books:

Normality is a myth; there never was, and never will be, a normal distribution.

This is an over-statement from the practical point of view, but it represents a safer initial mental attitude than any in fashion during the past two decades.”

Geary, Biometrika, 1947


2 thoughts on “Normality is a myth

    1. garstats Post author

      Here is some context:

      “…let’s consider a population with a standard lognormal distribution. This distribution is positively skewed and it has a zero lower bound (only positive values can be observed), as one could observe for instance with reaction times, fixation durations, pupil diameter, BMI etc. As such, it provides a much better example of the sort of continuous distributions we encounter in psychology (and in neuroscience). More generally in the social and life sciences, many quantities have a skewed distribution similar to the one shown in Figure 3 (Limpert & Stahel, 2017; Limpert, Stahel, & Abbt, 2001)​.”




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