List of methods and statistics publications. Full list on Google scholar.

Rousselet GA, Pernet CR, Wilcox RR (2019) The percentile bootstrap: a primer with step-by-step instructions in R
[Preprint] [Reproducibility package] [GitHub]

Rousselet GA, Pernet CR, Wilcox RR (2019) A practical introduction to the bootstrap: a versatile method to make inferences by using data-driven simulations
[Preprint] [Reproducibility package] [GitHub]

Rousselet, G.A. & Wilcox R.R. (2020) Reaction times and other skewed distributions: problems with the mean and the median DOI: [PDF] [Preprint] [Reproducibility package] [Reply article from Jeff Miller] [Open review of Miller’s reply]

Wilcox, R., Rousselet, G., Pernet, C. (2018) Improved Methods for Making Inferences About Multiple Skipped Correlations Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation DOI: 10.1080/00949655.2018.1501051 [PDF] [Preprint] [Reproductibility package]

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Rousselet, G. (2016) Introduction to robust estimation of ERP data figshare [slides + code]

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